Blah, The Names Allan. Got alot on my mind. BX is where i reside. Skateboarding, sneakers, clothes and more. =] follow if you'd like im pretty chilled.

Addie FridyNollie Shuv Front Feeble Hardflip Out


Addie Fridy
Nollie Shuv Front Feeble Hardflip Out

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"If you love me so much then why’d you let me go?"

Day 2.

It’s crazy, how it seemed so hard for you to look at all the good as much as I begged you too. But so easily could you knit and pick at all the bad things from the past, and use that NOW to define the ENTIRE relationship, and used it against me. Things from the past that hasn’t not been coming up at all was enough for you to say this relationship is “toxic”. You looked for everything possible to be an excuse. You came up with so many excuses and changed and added so many reasons… You didn’t really want to be with me.

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That’s the only thing you ask.

I asked for one thing too. Multiple times. Hundreds of times. Thousands of times. But yeah you’ll get what you want, I’ll just continue eating shit in my corner.

There goes 4.5 years of my life out the window. Just like that.

Honestly now I can’t wait till I die.

Day 1.
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